Evans Head Fishing Adventures

2020 season – we will be limiting our Evans Head Adventures to 3 / 5 days safaris only, day trips will continue from Ballina.

Offshore Fishing Adventures in Evans Head.

Our Evans Head Fishing Adventures. Situated at the mouth of the Evans River, Evans Head retains that small seaside town feel. There is excellent river, beach and even better offshore fishing to be had. The town has all the facilities you may require, shown as such in the progression of grey nomads from down south that call Evans Head home for the winter. Accommodation for individuals and groups are readily available within the town, all close to shops, restaurants, clubs etc.

The commercial boat harbour is run by the Evans Head Fisherman’s Coop, the professional sector is diminishing with the pressure on fish stocks, but the recreational sector is booming with large numbers of boats using Evans Head on a weekly basis.

The reef structure off shore is extensive and broken into 6 main areas, North Ground, Kaos Reef, South Kaos Reef, Redhill Ground, Bombing Range and South Reef. These areas are good for Snapper, Teraglin, Flathead, Mulloway, Pearl Perch etc. Beyond this area is the wide grounds of Patch, 42 fathoms, 48 fathoms and 50 fathom reefs. Caught in these areas is Snapper, Pearl Perch, Kingfish, Sampson Fish etc. Mackerel show up annually from February to May on the close reefs and other pelagic fish like Marlin, Mahi Mahi, and Wahoo can be caught from December to April.

Close Reefs

Bottom fishing from Evans Head close reefs.

Wide Reefs

Bottom fishing from Evans Head wide reefs.

Game Fishing

Game fishing Evans Head.

Explorer Trips

Headland explorer trips Evans Head.


Our pride and joy are a Clem Masters 34. The hull was laid in 1990 for the owners of the Esprit Company. Named” Esprit” the boat was purchased in 1992 and spent the next 25 years fishing Marlin and Tuna commercially and doing Charter fishing when available from Bermagui on the South Coast NSW.


  • Fozies Fishing purchased the boat 2017
  • Clem Masters 34
  • Length 10.17m, Breadth 3.35m, Draft 0.96m
  • Hull: Fibreglass
  • Engine: Detroit 6V92 9 liter 2 stroke diesel

An extensive refit in 2018 saw upgraded toilet facilities, improved kitchen with tea and coffee facilities, a fridge to keep the drinks cold, new electronics with GPS,Colour Depth Sounder, Radar and radios fitted. New carpet and paint give the boat a fresh new look. A rear canopy covers the back deck to keep out the sun on hot days.

New fishing gear, Fin-Nor spin reels with matching 10kg rods. This is fitted with 50lb Spectra braid line. We also have for the Game fishing people, Quality game fishing gear including the 50 Tiagra wide with matching roller rods.

The Skipper

Captain Rob Foster

Captain Rob Foster has had 40 years fishing the Evans Head / Ballina region both professionally and recreational.

Rob started fishing from Evans Head in the mid 70’s from a small Seafarer v-sea. There was no such thing as a GPS then and spots were found using landmarks and a depth sounder. Rob’s first Marlin came from Ballina, a small Black Marlin caught about a mile from the North Wall on a lure.

Rob finished an apprenticeship as a Fitter/Machinist in 1983 and went to work on the Prawn Trawlers at Iluka.This fuelled a love of the sea which turned into a passion for the rest of his life.

Papua New Guinea

1991 the opportunity came to live and work in Papua New Guinea, managing a large Engineering workshop in Port Moresby, Rob met other fishing enthusiasts and was soon skippering Game vessels for Charter and Tournament fishing for Marlin and the Yellowfin tuna. A move to Lae on the North coast of PNG opened more options for Game fishing. Rabaul famous for a spot known as the Hump, was fished often in the following years with clients enjoying a world class Marlin fishery.


2012 Rob went to Darwin to work for the Darwin Barra Base, this would provide many outstanding memories for the clients catching Barramundi and Salmon in the river systems around Darwin as well as the Large Black Jew and other reef fish from the Dundee fishing area.

2015 Rob was back on the North Coast NSW skippering a local charter boat with great success.

2017 saw an opportunity to purchase his own charter vessel and to provide his Knowledge and enthusiasm to help clients fish the Evans Head and Ballina areas.
Rob is a senior skipper with the Coastguard at Southport and a senior skipper with Marine Rescue NSW.


Are you ready to create a last memory?
Hook line and sinker, get on board and lets go fishing!

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